Incoming: AE Awards 2024

Jun 1, 2024 | News

The 2024 Accounting Excellence Awards are set to celebrate outstanding achievements in the accounting sector on October 8 at the iconic Roundhouse in London. This event is a pinnacle for professionals in the field, recognising the best in various categories including individual practitioners, entire firms, and specific service lines like bookkeeping, tax, and payroll.

This year, the awards will highlight a diverse range of achievements with categories tailored for different sizes and specialisms within the profession. These include Small Firm of the Year across various UK regions, Mid-Tier Firm of the Year, Large Firm of the Year, and accolades for digital and client transformation. Additionally, there are awards for individuals such as Finance Director of the Year, Practice Leader of the Year, and the renamed John Stokdyk Outstanding Contribution Award, honouring a notable figure in the community who passed away last year.

Entries are encouraged to be detailed and illustrative of their accomplishments, as the competition is keen and the judging thorough. Past judges have included influential figures from various corners of the accounting world, ensuring that the awards truly reflect excellence in the field.

For firms, winning or even being shortlisted can open doors to new opportunities and enhance credibility in the industry. Previous winners have noted significant benefits from their recognition at the awards, which not only celebrate current successes but also set a benchmark for future achievements in the accounting profession.

The event is also a critical moment for networking, with many professionals from across the industry coming together to celebrate excellence and innovation. The Accounting Excellence Awards continue to be a barometer for the sector’s trends, highlighting key issues like client satisfaction, technological integration, and strategic growth initiatives.

Entries close on 28 June, so do not hesitate! Enter the awards here.