We’re coffee consumers, bakers, athletes, parents, artists, food aficionados, travellers, music revellers, and sunshine chasers. We support each other, are obsessed with our audiences, deliver amazing work for our clients, and create some of the best office puns. We are Sift. Learn more about our history.

For over 20 years the business has been built on the foundation of a strong and dynamic culture, that we preserve like a good jam.



We help people develop & grow. We consider our actions and their impact. We listen to and support each other


We lead by example
We build on success & learn from failure
We can all champion change


We start with why
We seek and foster inspiration
We collaborate & share


We feedback constructively. We are open & transparent. We trust each other.


We take time to plan and reflect. We see things through. We measure what matters


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy a good work-life balance. We love a good social.


Sift wouldn’t be who it is today without the amazing people working here – fact!


We hate to brag but the business couldn’t function without us! From chasing invoices and ensuring cashflow, to paying staff every month. On the HR support side we help get new starters settled, organise company events and generally keep the office running like a well-oiled machine.


Being an editor at SIFT means more than simply putting words to paper. We also playing a critical role in advising the business on what our online communities are thinking, feeling and in need of. At the end of the day we are the ones with our fingers on the pulse of our audiences, and with great power comes great responsibility.


We support the entire business with all things marketing and event related – from new product promotion, demand generation, event logistics and marketing, to content creation and website management. We’re a bright, outgoing bunch who wouldn’t pass up a gin & tonic if offered.

Commercial Managers

Outgoing, self-proclaimed comedians and a dedication to achieving our targets are just some of the ways you can describe us. While we each may have a dedicated brand within the business that we work on and promote, we also collaborate and help each other when needed, or when working with similar clients/agencies. Work hard play hard is definitely our motto.

Account Managers

We hold a critical role within SIFT by looking after all our clients, working closely with them to ensure products and services are delivered to meet their needs. There’s a lot of coordination involved, from working with internal teams such as editorial and design, to working externally with the client and sometimes third party partners. No two days are the same and we like it that way.


Our creative flare and passion for design supports the business in a variety of ways. From designing content and styling websites for clients, to working on internal projects such as our own branding or sales and marketing material. You can also find us debating the finer points of toast in the kitchen, or doodling on the windows (it’s allowed).


Supporting the PracticeWEB brand, our roles encompass the coordination, planning and execution of websites for our accounting clients. From conception to the day the sites go live we work closely with our clients and internal teams to make sure clients get what they expect. No small feat!


As the technical backbone of Sift we’re responsible for everything from functional internet (crucial!) to managing and deploying tools that support teams in their daily roles. Our developers equally support and innovate our publishing platforms and any hosted services we provide to clients. When we aren’t doing that you’ll likely find us playing ping pong.


Leaders unite! Our backgrounds and experience are varied, personalities even more so. Regardless of this we are all committed and driven to not only ensuring the business succeeds but that the people at Sift do too. We don’t operate as a hierarchy, you’ll often find us getting stuck in and working hard alongside our teams.


“Sift gives me the time for any training or support I need and helps me get the most out of my day to day job. I love coming into work!”



Each year we pick a charity to support, this year we have chosen to support Changes Bristol – a grassroots mental health charity that has been providing peer support groups since 2004.

Changes Bristol offers a support network which anyone can access. You don’t need a GP referral, there are no waiting lists, and you can access the support for as long as you need it. With the help of trained mental health facilitators, these safe, confidential groups enable people to work together to improve their mental health.

We are a business that cares, and work equally as hard to leave a positive impact on our environment and local community. We want to be a great place to work, and a great place to work with.