About Sift

People, passion, and purpose

Home of the brands AccountingWEB UK & US, HRZone, TrainingZone, MyCustomer, and PracticeWeb, SIFT is a market-leading publisher and subscription business based in the heart of Bristol, with employees across the UK and United States. We use our leading B2B communities and marketing services to reach and engage over 1.5m accounting and business professionals around the globe.

Through practical and engaging content, insight-driven marketing communications, and user-centred experiences we help brands reach, target, and connect with their future customers in the accounting, human resources, and professional workspace.

For over 20 years the business has been built on the foundation of a strong and dynamic culture, that we preserve like a good jam.



We help people develop & grow. We consider our actions and their impact. We listen to and support each other


We lead by example
We build on success & learn from failure
We can all champion change


We start with why
We seek and foster inspiration
We collaborate & share


We feedback constructively. We are open & transparent. We trust each other.


We take time to plan and reflect. We see things through. We measure what matters


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy a good work-life balance. We love a good social.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

Sift’s top value is ‘Be Human First,’ and we mean it. We are all human, with shared and differentiating experiences that make us who we are. At Sift, we embrace, celebrate, and give you space to experience those unique aspects of yourself as we work to promote and uplift all Sifters.

In addition to our blind hiring process and Sift Social Code, we also have a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) consultant, who leads the Sift DEIB group. This group of Sift employees (including our CEO) meets monthly to develop and implement DEIB initiatives/events, discuss what each brand is doing to meet our goals, and review Sift practises to ensure we are held accountable and continue to move forward in acceptance, representation, and inclusion.

Our goal is to create a truly inclusive workplace by advocating and seeking out qualified individuals to join Sift regardless of their gender, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, heritage, or religion. We encourage and advocate for all Sifters to experience and speak up for themselves and others, as allies and members of these diverse communities.

Flexible Working approach

We are more than just our day-to-day work and we always make a point to remember that. Sift is passionate about flexible working and inclusivity; connecting with talented people, regardless of their location or personal commitments.

All employees are a part of a team charter, meaning each team can choose where, when, and how they will work most effectively together. This may mean working remotely full time or visiting the office when the need arises, which enables collaborative working as well as keeping our company culture alive across many geographic locations and outside of work commitments. We encourage autonomy and trust our Sifters to manage their own priorities and workloads.

Sift is verified as a flexible workplace by Flexa Careers. Learn more here.

Verified by Flexa


“Sift gives me the time for any training or support I need and helps me get the most out of my day to day job. I love coming into work!”