Two days of transformational learning and networking,
the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping (FAB)
is a unique gathering that goes beyond traditional conventions.

It’s an event where the latest trends and technologies in accounting & bookkeeping are discussed in a lively, festival-like atmosphere, aimed at fostering a strong sense of community among professionals.

Who are we?

Imagine an accountancy and bookkeeping event where you know you’ll be able to spend time with like-minded businesses. Somewhere that’s not loud and overbearing, but a fun, warm and friendly place to do business. A place where you feel heard and understood.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Festival of Accounting & Bookkeeping (or FAB for short).

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel welcomed. You’ll find a fantastic range of engaging short and snappy discussions covering the latest in Accountancy and Bookkeeping.

You’ll learn how to use the latest tech, top up your knowledge, and get actual answers to the burning questions you’ve been dying to ask. Plus, you’ll have heaps of time to share ideas with other sole traders and small business owners.


For those interested in getting involved with FAB, the event offers a platform to connect with professionals and showcase products and services in a dynamic environment.

Vendors can engage with a wide audience of accountancy and bookkeeping professionals, benefiting from the festival's focus on innovation, learning, and community building. Download our media pack for more.