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CoreHR delivers advanced HCM technology to some of the world’s leading organisations including the University of Oxford, Peabody, Cineworld and Starwood Reservations.

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HRZone applies valuable sector experience and insight, to create the strategies, tools and content that help accountants and advisers grow, attract and protect their business.


CoreHR came to us with a desire to create new business opportunities and to enhance their position in the HR tech marketplace. Through an integrated campaign, including a survey to HR professionals followed by a research report, CoreHR was able to associate its brand with ground-breaking research and thought-leadership content that would establish themselves as a challenger brand for digital HR.

  • Survey targeting over 300 HR professionals in the UK.
  • Integrated marketing campaign to drive traffic to the report and secure in-target leads.
  • Over 400 downloads resulting in new business opportunities for CoreHR.


CoreHR had two main objectives for this campaign, firstly to position themselves as leaders in the HR space and secondly to create new business opportunities. Together we agreed that running a survey where we could turn the result into a meaningful piece of content would be the best way to achieve their goals.

“We wanted to position ourselves as leaders in HR and create sales-ready leads and opportunities.” – Deirdre Pluck, Director of Marketing, CoreHR


We collaborated with Sheffield Hallam University to create a survey to try and determine “How digital-ready are UK HR professionals?” Following the survey we worked with experts at Sheffield Hallam University to analyse the findings and create a research report. We also gathered further commentary from experts at CIPD.

  • Survey targeted over 300 HR professionals in the UK.
  • Research report sent to all survey respondents.
  • Integrated marketing campaign drove traffic to the report and secured in-target leads.



  • Over 400 downloads.
  • 116 in-target responses.
  • New business opportunities for CoreHR.

We got great new content that will continue to fuel our outbound marketing. We made new connections with experts from within the HRZone network that we are continuing to build. And over and above the results, the HRZone team are a pleasure to work with.” – Deirdre Pluck, Director of Marketing, CoreHR

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