We are delighted to announce that we have been verified as a truly flexible employer by Flexa.

The global pandemic has seen much change in how employees work and highlighted not only how beneficial flexible working is to our people, but just how much more talent we are able to reach when remote working is embraced and location unrestricted.  

As part of our diversity and inclusion initiatives we examined areas where we believed improvements could be made. Flexibility is a key focus when it comes to inclusivity and with our decision to adopt a hybrid working model, our research led us to Flexa, a company that promotes flexible working and only works with employers who pass the flexibility test.

Of course it’s not just about the ability to work remotely. We understand that flexibility offers our people a better work-life balance, more autonomy and less commuting, which means saving money as well as helping to lower our carbon footprint.

“We’ve always been a flexible company, but the pandemic has reshaped all our attitudes and approaches to how, when and where we work. For Sift, flexible means flexible. It’s about getting the job done, the outputs of your work, not where or when you work. It’s really exciting to be part of the Flexa certified business network” Tom Dunkerley, CEO. 

You can view all our current open opportunities by visiting our vacancies page. We’d love to hear from you.