Uku enters the UK market with AccountingWEB’s Insight Exchange

The customer

Uku is a digital smart assistant that improves credibility, growth and employees’ happiness in accountancy practices. Hailing from the Estonian capital, Tallinn, Uku caters for accountants who want a web-based practice management programme they can use instead of Microsoft Excel.

It features automated workflows, time-tracking, powerful reports, online CRM, client monitoring and it works with existing accounting software systems like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage to add new tasks, track time and keep on top of notifications.

The objective

As Uku was new in the UK market, they wanted to raise brand awareness and a good reputation among potential new, global customers.

The challenge

When they launched in the UK, Uku was unknown to British accountants and finance professionals. Uku was also facing the added difficulty of entering a highly competitive market full of consolidated and well-known practice management solutions.

Uku needed access to a content marketing platform that would allow them to reach UK practitioners and editorial support to help them create content that attracted the attention of their desired audience.

How we helped the customer


Working collaboratively with Uku, our editorial team created content for them once per month.


By using the knowledge of our community we were able to produce content that addressed the needs and interests of Uku’s core audience.

3. Insight

Connecting your brand and products with more UK accountants than any other B2B platform.

The Insight Exchange platform has been a perfect ally for us. It has been an exceptional showcase that has helped us amplify our brand presence as we entered the UK market. IX has not only caused a dramatic increase in outbound links to our website but has also helped position ourselves as thought leaders in a highly competitive market

Triin Rast, CEO & Head of Growth at UKU

Insight Exchange boosts your content marketing effectiveness by connecting you with potential customers on AccountingWEB, the UK’s leading website for accountants.

The Results

increase of new users from the first to the latest article on iX

Organic Traffic

outbound clicks from potential new customers during the first six months using iX

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