the customer

BrightPay is a payroll software that makes managing payroll quick and easy. The easy-to-use payroll software is desktop-based and is available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. BrightPay has won Payroll Software of the Year on two occasions, in 2018 and 2019.

The objective

BrightPay’s main objective was to enhance their content marketing strategy by reaching a wider audience to ultimately be seen as a thought-leader in the payroll market within the accounting and finance community.

The payroll market is a competitive one, so BrightPay wanted to ensure that they had an outlet that would allow them to have a regular and active presence in front of their target audience.

Since BrightPay started using iX, they have published a mixture of topical and product focused content and have become one of the most prominent payroll providers.

The Challenge

BrightPay needed to feed their existing and potential customers with regular content, however due to conflicting commitments within their marketing team, it prevented them from focusing on the demand of content marketing that was needed.

how we helped the customer

To alleviate pressure from BrightPay’s marketing team, our editorial experts have written highly engaging content on BrightPay’s behalf which has allowed them to surface relevant and timely content consistently, continuing to reach our community, which they would have struggled to fulfil without this service. 

Each month our editorial experts work collaboratively with BrightPay to ensure that the content we produce not only executes the brand messages BrightPay wants to present but that the content also attracts and engages their core audience. 

Insight Exchange boosts your content marketing effectiveness by connecting you with potential customers on AccountingWEB, the UK’s leading website for accountants.
Whether you’re launching a business, scaling an existing one or securing a market-leading position, Insight Exchange connects you, your brand and products with more UK accountants than any other B2B platform.

Our company has been using the Insight Exchange publishing platform as part of our content marketing strategy for over two years. Since using the platform and receiving editorial support from AccountingWEB, we’ve been able to maintain an active presence in front of the AccountingWEB community, publishing content that we know will reach and appeal to the right people. As a result, we have seen over 120K users visiting our profile of which 49% have come through organically.

Rachel Hynes, Marketing executive at Brightpay

The Results

Frequent, engaging content written specifically for the AccountingWEB audience that has led to over 46K pageviews since BrightPay joined iX

Organic traffic

REturning visitor to brightpay ix profile in 2019

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