Customer journey mapping is an exercise that continues to be popular in the customer experience community, and a topic we have covered frequently on the MyCustomer website over the years.

Despite a wealth of articles on the subject, however, we felt there was a distinct lack of evidence-based research. In particular, there was a shortage of research on whether organisations were actively using customer journey mapping, and to what levels of success.

Last December, we ran a survey to determine who was actively carrying out customer journey mapping, and for those who do, the effect it was having on their organisation. We were also interested in the barriers experienced by those who don’t use it. The survey ran for two months and we gathered nearly 300 responses from around the globe.

After analysing the results, we found some encouraging statistics. Our research revealed that 90% of the respondents actively carrying out customer journey mapping believed it had a positive impact on their organisation. We knew that our wider audience would be interested in top-line statistics like this, especially when it comes to bench-marking.

We produced a research report of our findings, featuring valuable information and analysis from Neil Davey, our chief editor. We then presented this information in a slick PDF – thanks to the Sift design team for their help! This was supported by a selection of beautifully designed promotional assets, including a slide deck, infographic, MPU and social cards.

The success of this package of content is demonstrated in the figures. At this stage of promoting the report, we’ve had close to 1000 downloads, with 2,500 page views on the report page. The slide deck has also had 3,500 views so far, proving the value of high quality supporting assets. We have recently released the infographic across our channels, so we look forward to more success with this report in the near future.

So what next? We’re aiming to keep the momentum going with a webinar later this year, followed by a breakfast briefing where we can help our audience apply some best practice customer journey mapping techniques to their organisation.

We are also about to close up a new survey on another hot topic – the voice of the employee. We’ve had almost 300 responses so far, so watch this space for another MyCustomer research hit!

Interested in finding out more about MyCustomer and the research we produce? You can visit the MyCustomer site here, and download our media pack here.