How accountingweb acquired in-market qualified leads for the Xero sales team by creating a content-rich standalone Buyer’s Guide that gave potential customers the necessary product detail and third-party validation they needed to make a purchasing decision.

the customer

Xero is the emerging global leader of online accounting software that connects small businesses to their advisors and other services. Xero provides business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position and performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure. For accountants, Xero forges a trusted relationship with clients through online collaboration and gives accountants the opportunity to extend their services.

The objectives

The main objective was to generate leads with clear evidence of the reader being in an active buying cycle.

We thus created a standalone product based on case studies, in-depth FAQs and very specific product information on how Xero works. It was designed to be relevant only to the specific needs of an information-hungry, purchase-ready audience.

People who downloaded such a clearly-marketed product would thus constitute high value, relevant leads that would more likely result in a sales conversation than the wider top of funnel marketing.


In conjunction with the client, AccountingWEB created a content-rich, product-focused Buyer’s Guide designed to help potential customers evaluate if Xero’s platform meets their business needs.

The blend of AccountingWEB branding and independent editorial with official Xero FAQs, step-by-step walkthroughs, case studies and ‘under the hood’ detail was designed to answer as many potential questions as possible.

A full marketing campaign made use of proven activity to engage and find new customers. This included promotion across AccountingWEB, its technology newsletter and its social channels. The Buyer’s Guide’s rich content mix ensured it could also be naturally promoted on editorial articles, specifically in valuable in-article slots and Related Content promotional areas.

AccountingWEB is the UK’s number one website for accountants in practice and business. In an ever-changing environment AccountingWEB helps accountancy professionals to be more effective by providing fast, practical guidance and data-informed insight on the key issues and questions they face.

how we helped the customer

Created a product with the rich editorial and product detail required to meet the audience’s needs
With clear messaging to ensure the potential lead was as in market as possible.
Prominent AccountingWEB branding
Use of named editorial and content creators to show value of independent content over sales collateral. Lead would thus be curated purely by the perceived value of this content and not via telemarketing, for example.
Published Buyer’s Guide directly to the most relevant audience
By appearance on home page, topic page and Resources page.
Promoted Buyer’s Guide directly to the most relevant AccountingWEB audience
By newsletters and social media.
Optimised all assets
To appeal to a broad but still relevant organic audience, driving them directly to the resource page on AccountingWEB.
Ensured any leads could be delivered directly into the Xero sales team
Low level of maintenance required once product published.
Any amends or future updates can be easily booked in and the product repromoted. This would build on the product’s existing on-site promotion and would only add to its organic appeal off-site.

our results

SQLs booked

SQL target delivered within four weeks

2 newsletter inserts plus 1 x solus mailer

client testimonial

“In summer 2019 we had the delight to work with AccountingWEB on the delivery of a Buyer’s guide that would help our sales team connect with engaged accountants who had expressed an interest in Xero software. The planning and execution of the guide was seamless, resulting in an end product that we are proud of. Since publication, we have reached over 1,700 accounting professionals and received 200 leads which we can now nurture into sales opportunities. We look forward to working with AccountingWEB in 2020.” 

Noori Kanji, Marketing Manager at Xero

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