This Thursday (6 February 2014), we’re hosting our first Digital Marketing 101 Workshop for a small number of our clients here at Sift Towers. We’ll be sharing our digital expertise to help our clients get the most from their digital marketing activity.

Our editors, publishers and digital experts will be offering insight and practical tips on essential digital marketing topics including:

  • Digital advertising 101: What you need to know
  • Getting your call to actions right
  • Optimising your email marketing: Practical strategies that make a big impact on performance
  • An editor’s guide to content marketing
  • Increasing your social reach and engagement on social: A business editor’s effective Twitter strategies
  • Thinking beyond the campaign: How you can work with sales teams to realise your marketing ROI
  • Beyond the desktop: How to engage audiences across mobile devices

We’ll be sharing tips from the day through on Twitter (@siftmedia) and through a live blog below on the day. Our hashtag for the day will be #SMCD.