What follows is part 2 of the session looking at 'effective copywriting and calls to action' from Sift Media’s recent Digital Marketing 101 Workshop.

You may have read our previous blog post which looked at copywriting online (specifically for email, web and social channels). If you haven't seen it then I'd recommend taking a look – the theory is that if you get the messaging in your copy right, your readers will already be looking for the call to action before they finish digesting what you have to say. While a large part of that may be true, there's plenty that can be done to avoid losing prospects at the final hurdle. Simply using the words "click here" may not be enough. The Slideshare presentation below includes a number of hints and tips that could significantly enhance the success of the 'clickable' calls to action in your next campaign.

We'll be posting more details from the Digital Marketing 101 Workshop sessions on these pages in due course, but in the meantime why not download our free Campaign Optimisation Guide, full of advice on getting the most from your marketing investment.