I am now around three quarters of the way through my internship at Sift Media, and can no longer remember a time when I wasn't a member of the marketing team. A lot has changed over the past few months in terms of my responsibilities and the projects that I'm working on.

The Next Chapter

Using my experience of working with recruitment in the US I am now heavily involved in Sift Talent, a new talent acquisition business within the Sift family. My main role at this stage of the project is to assist with the branding and launch of the business. This includes the actual naming of the brand, creating the mission and business vision and what values and beliefs the brand will hold; essentially creating the business’ WHY.

The ‘why’ mainly comprises of looking into what needs of the customer does the brand address? Why do we exist? And what do we stand for? The process of evaluating the business concept and generating a brand is becoming one of the most interesting and valuable experiences I have had so far in my internship at Sift Media. Providing me with the tools to demonstrate my creative skills, this project is also helping me to learn the thought path behind a company’s brand and how this would be marketed/presented to the audience. So far in the process I have made a rather large contribution to the branding by creating the tag line for the business, ‘make the change’ and have been highly involved in the website design and user experience.

New Skills, New Roles

Now that I have been here for a little over nine months I have really developed my skills across the board but particularly in marketing and website analytics. Taking on the role of reporting on website analytics across three of our sites has given me great insight into ‘the world of the user’. Experimenting with features like user journey and fluctuations in different referrals, and correlating them with social media campaigns or particular activity, has not only helped me to understand our sites and communities better but also to learn the relationship between marketing and content and how the user reacts to different methods of communication.

I now hope that I can develop my written communication more in the time that I have left at Sift Media and attempt to put the knowledge I have learnt to good use by potentially writing some more blogs for our websites.  I am still thoroughly enjoying my time at Sift Media and am finding that my knowledge of the industry and confidence to deliver credible work still grows every day.

All I can say is, I genuinely wish I had longer than three months left. Until next time…