Having been at Sift Media just over four months, I have settled in as a member of the day to day rat race of working full time and have yet to look back.  
Before starting the most experience I’d had of marketing, or business for that matter, was some promotional work at university and a series of part time jobs. So as you can imagine at first I was filled with angst and excitement for what the company had in store for me. However my mind was quickly put at ease…
Let’s get down to business
The preconceived nerves I had were quickly put to rest by the more than helpful HR Coordinator, Lauren Faye, who got me settled in straight away with an induction to the office and an insight into the perks of working at such an innovative and creative company. And it was now time to get to work. 
After meeting many new faces and being set up at my new desk, it was time to meet the team. The lively and talented bunch made me feel at home straight away, with a team lunch and a brief summary of everyone’s roles, in particular my line manager at the time, Meg Pope. 
Giving me a crash course in all things marketing and events Meg introduced me to what would become my first big project, The Pitch. As the biggest competitions for small businesses in UK, The Pitch was the perfect thing to help me find my feet at Sift Media. 
In my time as a member of The Pitch team I learnt more than I could have imagined and gained an invaluable amount of experience. With roles including delegate and contestant management and assisting on marketing activities from events to PR and advertising, I got a very well rounded understanding of marketing from all angles. 
Throughout my time working with Meg, she provided the ideal platform for me to grow as an employee, and I don’t think I could have found a better person to show me the ins and outs of events, the importance of being determined, and of being meticulous in everything I do. 
Next on the intern agenda
It was now time for me to move onto a new project with a new team. With Product Marketing Manager, Jo Morley and Head of Marketing, Ian Robins as my managers I have joined the US team on working heavily with Sift Media’s Going Concern Jobs. Going Concern Jobs is a specialist accounting placement service and job board, designed to provide the best accounting professionals to firms throughout the US. 
Working as part of this team, I have begun a new era in my internship that gives me more responsibility and a chance to use my creativity and put my own stamp on my work. A key role I have been undertaking is assisting with the generation of several strategy plans for the short and long term marketing of Going Concern Jobs and Talent. Using key aspects of lessons learnt from my involvement in The Pitch and having marketing mastermind, Jo working with me, I have started to really grasp what it takes to successfully market a business or product. As a business still in its start-up stage, Going Concern Jobs, has given me an insight into all elements of business from creation to audience and client generation.
Working with Jo and Ian has really opened my eyes as to what a good manager is. They have both been very supportive, have helped me develop and showcase my skills and have truly lead by example. And I’m sure anyone that has worked with either before, will tell you the same.  
So to round it up
Sift Media is ahead of the game in innovation, creativity and collaboration  and I am excited to be here at the time when this is happening more than ever Being involved in projects such as, Going Concern that grows more each day is just as exciting. As I progress into fields such as web development and journalism, I look forward to what Sift has in store for me as they help me develop my knowledge of the digital industry and continue to show me that interning at Sift Media was the best decision I’ve made so far.
Until next time folks…