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The client wanted to build on their recognised brand; generating awareness for their data-services business and connecting with data-driven marketing decision makers. A highly-targeted account-based marketing campaign was run over an intensive, nine-month period to generate marketing and sales qualified leads, with the overall goal of delivering new business opportunities for the client’s sales team.

The campaign combined digital and face-to-face activity to engage and nurture target contacts including:

  • MyCustomer created and client-owned content assets.
  • Insight-led conversations to drive engagement and qualification
  • Three breakfast briefings attended by target decision-makers.


The primary objective was to establish deeper and broader relationships with key contacts within target organisations. A highly targeted and ROI-driven approach was adopted. The campaign objectives were focused on the need to:

Define the market opportunity and target decision-makers
Generate insight around data needs and challenges.
Establish opt-in marketing permissions.
Generate marketing qualified and sales qualified leads for internal sales follow-up.


The campaign involved building a target list of contacts, focused on key job functions, within a defined number of business accounts. A combination of MyCustomer and client content was used to engage and nurture this audience and generate insight around their challenges and propensity to buy.

The most engaged and interested contacts (all BANTqualified) were invited to attend one of a series of bespoke breakfast briefings where the client’s sales team could network with the attendees. They were provided with insight around the specific challenges facing each attendee ahead of the event, so they could have more meaningful conversations with the individuals in the room.



  • Top-of-funnel leads (single-touch).
  • Re-targeted leads (multi-touch).
  • BANT qualified leads.
  • Lead profiles (insight into individual’s pain-points).
  • Breakfast event attendees.
  • Sales appointments.

“Although it is still early days in the sales cycle, we’re monitoring progress very closely. We can already see that significant new business opportunities have been created through the programme and it has helped to move the dial in terms of awareness in the target audience.” – Client Testimonial

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