Sift Media recently published an exclusive report on the changing digital landscape. This presentation highlights some of the key findings that marketers should not just be aware of, but should actively be engaging in strategies to optimise potential from the challenges and opportunities being faced.

The survey behind our report was conducted and analysed with the primary intention to share insights on the digital marketing landscape and how to make digital marketing work to the benefit of B2B brands.
It was perhaps unsurprising that the study confirmed areas such as mobile and content marketing as those currently at the top of the priority list for many B2B marketers. After all these elements of the digital marketing mix are proven to deliver a great return and will continue to become even more important in the future as user behaviour ‘beyond the desktop’ continues to evolve. But it is these areas, along with digital literacy/governance and user experience that were found to be at the top of the agenda for many B2B marketers. 
The presentation below, delivered by Ian Robins – Head of Marketing, at our recent Digital Marketing 101 workshop, summarises some of the key findings and the practical implications to get the greatest return from marketing investment in these emerging areas.


You can read the Digital Marketing Landscape report in detail completely free now.