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UK Business Forums is the UK’s largest and most active forum for startup and micro businesses. It’s a platform for discussion and networking with over 1,500 posts a week and 1,200 new members joining the site every month. The content is community driven and so always current and relevant to the micro business and small business agenda, and covers every facet of owning and running a business.

UKBF no longer accepts integrated marketing activity. It has become the content, insight and marketing platform for PracticeWeb, the market leading digital agency for accountants.

We believe in creating a community for UK small businesses to connect and grow.

Our Audience at a Glance


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Typical challenges for our audience

Business validation

Business validation

Getting reassurance that their business ideas/products/services have potential for success.



Establishing and retaining a client base.

New business

Finance management

Ensuring cashflow and funding are managed efficiently.