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Practice Excellence Week is AccountingWEB UK’s landmark festival of excellence, inspiration and celebration for the accounting profession. Across five days we have a world-class programme of events; from our prestigious annual awards night, interactive online seminars to a live London conference. We are offering a unique experience for ambitious practitioners and their suppliers.

Celebrating, inspiring and transforming the accounting profession.

Our Audience at a Glance


attendees across the Practice Excellence Live online seminars in 2016.


completed award entries in 2016.


attendees at our London conference in 2015.

Floating pattern

The most common challenges our audience face


Multiple priorities

Selecting and implementing the right cloud tools.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology

Early stage startups can lead very insular lives, focusing on their businesses, and want opportunities for networking.

Unique visitors


Ability to stand out in a crowded market and addressing the changing landscape of the accounting profession.

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