A Blanket Approach For Targeting Smes Won’t Work

Over 99% of private sector businesses in the UK are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), ranging from single-owner to 150+ employees. Due to the wide range of what qualifies as an SME it can be difficult to know whether your message will resonate across the board (doubtful), or completely miss the mark. We’ve updated the … Continued

How do you decide which advanced lead generation technique is right for your business?

65% of marketers say generating leads is a primary concern. Many are already undertaking a basic level of activity, perhaps free or at a small cost, but what about those ready to take it to the next level? This guide presents three of the most popular advanced lead generation techniques in order to help marketers … Continued

Need To Deliver A Lead Gen Programme With Limited Budget?

Gartner research found that 66% of marketing leaders plan to increase spending on digital advertising in 2017. Regardless, marketers will continue to face increasing scrutiny for how and where their budget is spent, with a close watch on return on investment. This is why being creative with your lead generation activity can support you marketing … Continued

Are Your Webforms Really Delivering Results?

Learn what works, and what doesn’t, from actual users We recently conducted research among our audience members on their user experience with webforms on the sites of our publishing units. They gave us some very useful and valuable information, which could be applied to any webform. As a result we’ve created a guide for you … Continued

Can You Afford To Have Your Content Marketing Go Wrong?

It’s all too easy swept away on an area or idea for your content marketing. When you are spending a significant amount of time, budget and resources on your content marketing, it will pay to take a step back to ensure you are not setting yourself up for failure. “Why Content Marketing can go Wrong” … Continued

Do You Know The Real Cost And ROI Of Your Content Marketing?

Less than 33% of organisations believe they are successful at measuring content marketing ROI. The pressure for marketers to show the value and ROI of content marketing has never been higher. Despite the increased volume of content marketing, it still presents a challenge for many. Between the different tools and technologies, to there being no … Continued

Ever Wonder What Makes Other Brand’s Content Marketing Successful?

Inspiring content marketing campaigns isn’t limited to big brands We explore several brands, both well-known and lesser-known, and share insights on how you can replicate their content marketing greatness. “Content Marketing Lessons from the Masters” aims to give you the information and inspiration to: Apply content marketing tactics from successful brands to your own campaigns … Continued

Is Content Curation Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

30% of companies are defined as ‘curation-focused’ The rise of social media has vastly transformed the method, speed and quantity of content people are consuming. With so much noise, curated content is deemed a more viable way for brands to both keep pace, and also pull together information to provide clarity to an audience. “A … Continued

Does Your Organisation Have A Documented Content Marketing Strategy?

Nearly 66% of organisations surveyed by the CMI reported that they did not have a documented content marketing strategy. This despite further research showing that those with a documented strategy were more effective with their content marketing. “How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy” aims to give you the information and inspiration to: Conduct an … Continued

Are You Making The Most Of Blogs?

60% of consumers feel positive about a brand after reading their blog Many companies embrace blogs as they represent a human face and voice for their brand, but it is also a valuable business development tool. 31% of consumers who are online consider a brand’s blog to be the second most influential factor when it … Continued