How outsourcing copywriting allowed our client to keep pace with their content strategy without stretching internal resources.
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LDF is the largest independent provider of finance to small businesses, bringing money into businesses, not bureaucracy.

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Executive Summary

Despite LDF having a great deal of internal expertise and knowledge on small business finance, they lacked the time to create engaging content. Our small business team worked with LDF to outline their content needs, develop the topics and tone of voice. We produced a series of whitepapers to be used by LDF within their existing content marketing strategy.

“We were aiming to outsource the process of researching into various industries and business issues to produce a series of whitepapers. We decided to outsource this in order to free up the time for our staff. We chose a team that have the expertise to produce a quality piece of work that our own team wouldn’t have the time to work on.” – Ian Cushion, Inbound Digital Marketer at LDF

Client Objectives

The client has internal resource for design and creating assets, but struggled to fit in the creation of compelling and engaging content, such as whitepapers that can demonstrate their expertise in various verticals. The lack of this type of thought-leader content meant they were missing out on opportunities to gate such content and capture lead data.

Their objective was to partner with someone who possessed both the knowledge of the small business industry and content-writing expertise, who could support them in creating several in-depth content pieces.

Our Approach

Our BusinessZone team worked collaboratively with LDF to fully understand their business, position in the marketing, the verticals that they were trying to target and what they wanted to achieve with the content. LDF provided us with an outline of their editorial style and approach so that we could deliver exactly what they wanted. Throughout the process we kept open lines of communication and offered LDF multiple revision opportunities.

Results and ROI

  • Six whitepaper editions created.
  • Content used by LDF across their website, blog, social and email channel.
  • Increased engagement with potential and existing customers.
  • Generated more leads for the LDF sales team.

“Our internal staff have had more time to spend on other areas of their job role, increasing productivity and output.

We would recommend Sift as they are quick to understand the briefs we gave them and the overall messaging that the whitepapers needed to tell. To date we have produced six whitepapers of a high standard and would consider working with Sift on similar projects in the future.” – Ian Cushion, Inbound Digital Marketer at LDF

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