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RationalFX are one of Europe’s key international payment providers.


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Executive Summary

RationalFX prefer to meet prospects face-to-face as opposed to taking a cold calling approach. This is challenging when their target audience of small businesses are bombarded by competitors with similar services. RationalFX worked with our team to get in front of our SME audience in an intimate, roundtable setting that resulted in attendees not feeling like they were being aggressively sold to.

Coordinated and hosted roundtable event.
Leads and personas
Acquired in-target delegates based on strict criteria.
Successful event resulted in two immediate conversions and several long-term leads.

Client Objectives

RationalFX wanted to run a new business focused campaign consisting of a small event where they could interact with potential customers. Impressed by the network and credibility of our BusinessZone publication, and experience with event coordination, they approached us to deliver the event in its entirety. They wanted a partner who could not only take away the stress of coordinating an event, but also be the “face” of it and remove any preconception of the event being a “sales pitch” by attendees. RationalFX wanted us to deliver the following:

• Secure 12 in-target attendees.
• Coordinate all event logistics.
• Supply the topic content and moderate discussions.
• Get two new customers signed up as result of event.

How we helped

We positioned the event as an opportunity for attendees to network with peers, and took that message out to our BusinessZone network to source attendees. Those who met RationalFX’s criteria were nurtured through a marketing campaign. Coordination of the topics, moderator and venue were all managed by our team.

Results and ROI

  • 12 in-target small business attendees.
  • Seamlessly managed event from beginning to end.
  • Two attendees have signed up to their exchange process within a month after the event.
  • Several longer-term leads have been added to their pipeline.


“Working with Sift gave us that platform and introduced us to companies we wouldn’t be able to contact through other means. They were able to introduce us to companies for mutual benefits who I’m pleased to say we are already working with.” – Joe Crook, Head of Corporate Sales UK

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