Targeted content provides a foothold for a new product launch, raising awareness among the right audience.

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Brightpay payroll software aim to provide the best payroll and HR software and services for SMEs in Ireland and the UK.

Sift title is the leading and largest community within the accounting profession in the UK.

Executive Summary

The new legislation around Auto Enrolment is reaching a critical point for small businesses and accountants – many are aware of it but have yet to act. There’s a lot of uncertainty around implementation and certain legalities. Brightpay see this as a huge opportunity to position themselves as a desirable and cost effective solution among other payroll providers. Brightpay already have a very clear idea of what content and messages works for them. Our role was to support on distribution of their assets and brand messages to their target audience.

“With the launch of our new product, Brightpay, we needed an effective way of reaching payroll professionals, bookkeepers and other accounting professionals to raise brand and product awareness. Auto Enrolment which for many is still unfamiliar territory, presented an opportunity to engage with our target audience through our thought leadership content.” – Karen Bennett, Marketing Manager

Client Challenges

The primary objective for this campaign was to support Brightpay as they continued growing their successful lead generation channel. This was done for their two groups of prospects: those who showed explicit signs of being in a buying cycle, and those who were a wider pool which Brightpay could then nurture and build a relationship with.

Additionally, Brightpay were looking to further enhance their brand position as a primary Auto Enrolment option in the minds of potential customers. Having already built themselves a credible reputation through the sharing of their content on, they understood the value of providing relevant and on-topic content to engage prospects with.

How We Helped

With the largest community of accounting professionals in the UK, AccountingWEB was the perfect platform to promote Brightpay’s content. Through widespread email marketing, sponsorship of key on-site channels and placing their most valuable assets within articles themselves, we were able to reach a very wide audience of accountants in need of guidance. Brightpay were able to be one of the most prominent brands in terms of both gated content and brand visibility, during a critical time.

Results, ROI and the Future

  • Over 2,000 leads generated by Brightpay resources
  • 1.85% CTR from newswire insertions
  • Their brand profile drove 2,400 clicks from to Brightpay’s website and 68,000 reads of their articles


“If you are trying to reach accounting professionals then is the only place to go. We find the ROI of campaigns to be very high compared to traditional marketing methods (conferences and magazines). We generate 20% of our sales from, our second largest contributor after Google.” – Karen Bennett, Marketing Manager

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