How moving away from product-based messaging helped build a Partner referral network.

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ABN Amro are a Dutch-owned state bank with UK operations offering financial services to corporate and institutional clients.

Sift title is the UK’s leading and largest community within the accounting profession.

Executive Summary

Our client had a great product for Asset Based Lending, but operated in a crowded market place. Our role was to support their strategic efforts to create a sense of brand differentiation by nurturing accounting firms as a partner channel. We advised on how to shift away from product messaging, and into content marketing that could resonate with their new target market.

Brand awareness
Published a content guide series with supporting activity to increase brand awareness.
Ran a webinar to bring the brand in front of and engaging with their target audience.
Leads and personas
Generated over 400 unique leads

Client Challenges

With the market of banks and finance providers being dominated by incumbents, our client ABN Amro needed a different approach to break through and get new clients on board. Knowing that practice accountants often advise their own clients on banking options, ABN Amro sought to gain their trust and convert them to being part of their partner channel.

“We were looking to engage with accountants in business & practice to raise awareness of Asset Based Lending as a flexible funding solution that they and their clients would like to look at in more detail. Ultimately we  wanted them to choose our company as the provider of ABL services, or recommend us to their clients (if in practice).” – Andy Storey, Digital Marketing Manager

How We Helped

We collaborated with our client to identify the type of accounting firm they’d want to reach, and the messaging themes and formats that would resonate with them. We also made sure we could demonstrate how our work would feed directly into their existing processes as well as their key objectives.

We then created the content assets required to embed those messages and took them to market in a way that generated actionable responses that could become part of their referral network.

Results, ROI and the Future

From our consultation of content marketing methodology we provided the client with a series of content guides, live interactive webinar and supporting promotional activity. By targeting these assets to their desired audience of practice accountants, we encouraged repeat brand engagement and developed a viable nurturing and onboarding pathway for the client, delivering over 400 unique leads.

“Working with AccountingWEB  gave us access to 100k or so accountants instantly. We also worked on a number of content pieces which were promoted on the site as well as being able to sponsor a webinar. All content activity was widely promoted on the AccountingWEB website and allowed us to reach a huge audience that would have been very difficult and far more costly were we to try and reach them on our own.” – Andy Storey, Digital Marketing Manager

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