This week we had Jemima in the office for her work experience placement. It was good fun showing someone new just a few of the exciting things going on at Sift at the moment, but who better to tell you about that than Jemima herself. Here’s what she had to say about her few days at Sift… Sift is situated right on the water next to the bustling St Nicks Market – the office is therefore surrounded by delicious food, creating a good energy around the building. My first impression of the office was that it seemed like an open, friendly environment, due to its colourful interior and chill out area, which immediately appealed to me. This was my first experience working in a business environment of this kind, so I was both excited and also slightly anxious as to what to expect, however it was clear from the outset that Sift were keen for me to have a rich and beneficial few days with them. The day began by attending a meeting with the Greener Sift team, who meet every 2 weeks to discuss new ideas and current projects within Sift, with the aim to have a positive impact on the environment and the community. I found it fascinating to hear about all the great things the Greener Sift team are doing, such as introducing organic milk from Jess’s Ladies, and baskets of fresh fruit at reception. I was then introduced to the Sift Media team who set me the task to begin reading some of the articles from their different publishing units, including HRZone, which provides ideas and day-to-day business advice to HR professionals. I began by reading through a series of articles on the Science of Engagement – as a current A-Level student interested in studying Psychology at university I found these articles captivating, as they allowed me an insight into how having an understanding of the brain can increase the probability of people being engaged at work. Next, Community Editor Shonette ran my through what she does on social media and explained how key websites such as Twitter are extremely important here at Sift Media, as they publicise websites, articles and ideas to inspire and engage followers. This interaction with their audience through Twitter is an exciting and effective way of distributing and sharing new ideas and answering questions. I then began to compose some tweets for HRZone and MyCustomer’s Twitter accounts; this proved harder than I anticipated, however as I began to compose more tweets, the process became easier. Also during my time with Sift I was able to sit in on the monthly Sift Media company meeting where Gemma discussed the importance of a good client experience. She went on to describe a ‘Client Empathy Map’ within her presentation, which I found particularly interesting as it clearly divided up the different ways in which the clients think about the products. As my work experience at Sift comes to an end, I am able to reflect on my time here. It has been an extremely rewarding experience, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very creative and friendly people and I am incredibly grateful to everyone I’ve met here at Sift.