By leveraging in-depth audience insight with the latest technology in programmatic advertising, Sift Media’s new private marketplace delivers a greater return on objectives for B2B brands looking to engage with targeted professionals.
Here at Sift Media our readers digest content in trusted online environments – this is a direct result of our core proposition of providing high-quality, relevant, editorially led content, and it is the reason for our success. While this approach has always been (and will continue to be) our primary focus, it has been matched throughout by a passion to use innovative technology to optimise the connection between brands and business professionals.
The opportunities arising through the use of data and technology is changing the way media is being bought and sold in a significant way. But how is it doing this and what does it mean for advertisers? This is where the Sift Media Private Marketplace (PMP) comes in…
We have always had great insight into our own audience and now, by leaning on the latest technology regarding online behavioural targeting, we are able to provide a programmatic buying solution which engages B2B brands with professionals at the right time and right place. While this of course includes Sift Media’s own titles, it also provides the opportunity to engage business communities across multiple networks.
Reaching a targeted audience in the context of the specific ‘world’ they are in at that time, not only presents a better experience to the audience, it also increases the potential for a greater return on campaign objectives for the advertiser. Content may be king, but engaging prospects in the most appropriate context can be key to the success or failure of a campaign.
While a more traditional approach is to reach a wider community where the right person may be hanging out, our private marketplace directly targets the right person wherever they are across a variety of relevant environments. This particular shift in the display advertising landscape is a significant one, and it is one which is attracting a huge amount of attention from agencies looking to provide the best possible campaign response for advertisers.
The Sift Media PMP launched in a beta format in March 2015. Together with support from advertising technology and data partners, Google and Cxense, Sift Media can now target cross portfolio ‘tribes’ such as tech enthusiasts, business travellers and financial decision makers, amongst other behavioural segments. Advertisers may also target by key data such as age, gender, geographic location, job role/ status, helping to optimise campaign value and ensure budget is spent talking only to those who fit the desired target criteria.
Catherine Evans, Sift Media’s Head of Agency, says, “We’ve been publishing trusted content to highly engaged audiences for well over 15 years. Throughout this time, premium, brand safe inventory has been a major unique selling point and we’re now delighted to be complementing this with our own programmatic offering. With support from key technology partners, Sift Media can offer brands and agencies advanced targeting and rich audience insight together with the efficiencies automation brings.”
Successful campaigns have already been delivered for Vivaki, with a number of other brands launching activity in the coming weeks. As a premium digital publisher we’re excited to bring a PMP to market, creating game changing opportunities for our display advertisers. Why not talk to us about your next display campaign?